Patented Technology

           Micro-Capillary Air Freshener v/s Other Methods:

                                                    (Fragrance disbursement)


Why Micro-Capillary Air Freshener?

  • Fragrance oil is diffused into the atmosphere through the wick allowing for a stronger and longer lasting scent
  • The design allows for a clear end of life which is demonstrated when the pod is empty
  • Quality fragrance oil is used with nothing being unused or wasted
  • Used by airlines across the world


The innovative and novel design of our bottles uses a micro-capillary air freshener technology that out-performs all other products on the market. The fragrance oil and micro-capillary wick system is most superior in keeping aircraft lavatories smelling fresh throughout the duration of the flight,
whether short or long-haul. Not only do our products offer a complete solution to tackle odours in the cabin and restroom, they improve passenger and crew experience.

Our international fragrance house specializes in creating bespoke fragrances, allowing each of our clientele to have a premium fragrance unique to their brand image onboard.


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