All in One 1 Ltr

ALL IN ONE CABIN CLEANER is aimed at all levels of cleaning and sanitization. A complete surface bactericidal cleaner designed as a non-aggressive cleaner for effective removal of oily, greasy soils without the need for hazardous solvents. Ready to use for simultaneous cleaning
and sanitation of all exposed areas of the cabin and flight-deck:

√ Safe on leather and soft surfaces
√ Streak free for tray tables, windows and entertainment screens
√ Low VOC levels

Approvals: AMS 1550B, Boeing D67127 Rev P, AMS 1452C, ENI3697, Aircraft leather seat use.

Available in 150ml and 1ltr.

  • Part Number : AIO1LTR
  • Volume : 1 litre / 33.8 fl oz Also available in 150 ml, 100 ml and 60 ml
  • Custom Options : – Label –
  • Approvals : AMS 1550B Boeing D6-7127 Rev P AMS 1452C EN 13697 Aircraft leather seat use